Nora Roberts Is My Hero

Nora Roberts is matching, dollar-for-dollar, donations made to Habitat for Humanity.

God, I wish I could do that. How amazing. I’m adding her to my Hurricane Help List; I love Habitat for Humanity. It’s one of the few charities I trust to actually get the money you donate to the people who need it in a form they can use, without swallowing most of it into advertising and director salaries.

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2 responses to “Nora Roberts Is My Hero”

  1. arrvee Avatar

    I see too much waste in donating to the really big charities. I try to target my efforts at specific goals and people and interests. In this case: clothes for Goodwill to distribute to evacuees locally, stuff for the Katrina Mail Drop that tambo posted about to help writers and con organizers, and books for the evacuees at Rock Eagle. The Red Cross certainly does good work, and I would give them blood if I could, but they waste way too much of what comes in simply because their organization is too big and top-heavy. Just my 2 cents. We all have to help any way we can.

  2. melly Avatar

    John Grisham has also donated $5 million to a relief fund. It’s good to see the rich and the famous rallying up.

    Grisham and Roberts are truly remarkable, but no more than those who donate their last $20 and wishing they could do more.

    My first comment here, but not my first visit, and definitely not the last 🙂

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