Nominations for Reader Favorites

I’d like to open this up for a recommendations of favorite columns from the last three versions of the weblog — I want to put up a “Readers Recommend” block in the sidebar of things you consider re-readable and worth your time.

So here’s what I’m doing. Recommend your favorite(s) from the old versions of the weblog, and include links. Next Wednesday, I’ll put the posts that have been recommended into a poll, everyone can vote on them, and the week after that I’ll add the ten that receive the most votes to the sidebar. One week to nominate, one week to vote.

Here are the links to the three previous weblogs.

* Silent Bounce
* Newer Real Writers Bounce
* First Real Writers Bounce

If you can remember a bit of text or title from the entry you have in mind, use the search box in the weblog header (not the one in the sidebar) to locate it.

If you’re new to HTML, here’s how to post a link:

Cut and Paste the following code into the comment section.

<a href="http://Your/Link/Here.html">POST TITLE HERE </a>

The black type stays. Don’t alter it. Paste your link where you see the red html link, being sure to keep it right inside both quotation marks and to leave no spaces open on either side. Cut and paste the title of the web post where you see the green TITLE text. Make sure you don’t accidentally erase any brackets.

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2 responses to “Nominations for Reader Favorites”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Maybe I should just pick my favorites. Like the tonsil chunk discussion.

  2. Lemm Avatar

    I imagine this process could end up being a memory-lane type jaunt for you…. 🙂
    Reinventing Myself
    What value does a soul have? (Couldn’t get this one to link to only this post for some reason — sorry if I missed something obvious — so you’ll probably have to scroll down to it.)

    There are more — hell, I love your whole operation — but I’ll have to find them later.


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