No Sleep

We’re already in the outer bands of Alberto, and lined up for a direct hit, and I can’t sleep. So I’m working on the Language Clinic (editing is easier than writing right now).

Jean is offering a BookPack giveaway: A copy of Talyn, a copy of Lynn Viehl’s Dark Need, a copy of Lazette Gifford’s Muse, and a book of the reader’s choice by Tamara Siler Jones to one lucky winner. Check her site for details on how to enter.

Back to possessives and plurals.

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4 responses to “No Sleep”

  1. FerfeLaBat Avatar

    Glad ya’ll are ok up there!

  2. BJSteeves Avatar

    Lets hope that this year is A LOT better than last year was.

  3. Holly Avatar

    Thanks. We have tornado and flood watches going right now, but the storm is losing strength, and we’re not in a particularly low-lying areas, so if we avoid tornadoes, it’s looking okay for us.

  4. klharrds21 Avatar

    Good luck with the storm.

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