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No Man’s Sky: They Nailed It! — 9 Comments

  1. This is the first of two glowing reviews I saw recently and I think it will be my next game, after about five years on my last. (I don’t know it it’s because I like to explore and do everything which is very long in some games, or if some games kickstart my muse when the plots crash and burn) As a PCer, that should be on my holiday list… thx.

  2. You make me wish my hand/eye coordination was better. Unfortunately, I lived in a household of highly competitive gamers who got annoyed when I discovered on the Sega Genesis that I could get 10 pts for falling over on the motorcycle and dieing. I thought it was funny. This sounds wonderful. Keep enjoying it the way you so obviously are.

  3. I’ll have to look into that game. I have Steam so I’ll check it out when I go in for my daily video game break. I do more of the fantasy worlds but am getting disgusted with everyone going to the black/red, black/green shattered world. That’s lazy video creation as painting rocks or sand is a lot easier than trying to get forests and such to work properly in a fast moving video world. Sounds like fun, Thanks!

  4. This sounds like a game I could really enjoy. Unfortunately I don’t have a console and won’t buy one just for one game. I’ll wait until it comes out as a PC game. And maybe I’ll have the time to play by then. 😀

  5. Wow!!! You make want to go out and buy a game console just for that! Like you, I always have told others that I was born way too early (A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away)…Or way to early (Star Trek).

    So I may put a few pennies away until I can save up to get that console and game since there may not ever be a linux version.

    Thanks for a great review!

    • You can get used, refurbed consoles at GameStop (and probably elsewhere), and save a lot of money on them. I have both a PS4 and an Xbox One, either of which will run the game.

      Your mileage may vary — I still haven’t tried the new version of the game on my PlayStation (it’s a simple upgrade, but I wanted to start playing immediately when the game went live yesterday.)

      So I can’t yet compare the builds. I heard there were some differences, and I saw that the Playstation version still has the VERY old icon instead of the new one (my husband played on the Playstation).

      You have to actually play each one to be able to compare builds, though, and I’m not seeing that happening any time soon. I have my world. 😀

      • Never considered that option … And maybe a pawn shop too!…I did here that GameStop is not doing well and looking for a buyer. And maybe a pawn shop too!

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