Nine Reviewer Openings for Warpaint.

By Holly Lisle

WARPAINT is done, edited, almost ready

Of my original 25 folks who signed up to review Hunting The Corrigan’s Blood, sixteen moved to semi-permanent reviewer status.

Nine dropped out for various reasons (or no given reason).

Which leaves 9 openings for NEW reviewers for WARPAINT, the second Cadence Drake novel.

So here’s the deal

If you’re one of the first nine folks who posts to the page requesting a review copy and explaining why you’d like to do a review, I’ll send you one. It isn’t fancy. It’s a nicely formatted PDF set up to still be readable on e-readers, but it has no cover art or any other frills.

If you volunteer in time, you get to read the story under no obligation to review it.

HOWEVER, obviously I’m sending out copies because I need reviews, which do help sales.

Folks who do a review and send me the link to their review (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple, in that order, are my preferred
review venues, but reviews posted to blogs and sites that accept reviews of books also count), in most cases will be invited to get the NEXT book in the series to read and review, as well as other fiction projects I complete.

I say “in most cases,” because I reserve the right to drop folks from the list if they decide to roast the book rather than review it, if they indulge in personal attacks against me, or for unstated reasons that
might come up.

If you ALSO bug-hunt the manuscript for spellos and typos (no editing for style, please), you get a thank you in the Acknowledgements.

Folks who don’t do a review won’t receive the next book, because I’m trying to build up a list of 25 reliable folks who will receive my books and review them.

IMPORTANT: This is strictly volunteer. No money changes hands, and I cannot offer to read your work in exchange for you reading mine, so the only reason to do this is because you’d like to read the book before everyone else (and you might like getting your name in the ACKS).

If you’re interested, let me know (and letting me know WHY would help, too.)

If you have any questions about reviewing, ask them when you post,
and I’ll be happy to explain further.

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