NIGHT ECHOES is on shelves

Night Echoes, by Holly LisleThis has to be noted as the latest an author has ever remembered to mention the debut of her own book. I found a couple of copies of NIGHT ECHOES on the shelves.

Last Friday.

[sigh] I plead PTIRSSD (Post-Traumatic Internal Revenue Service Stress Disorder) and new books in the making for forgetting to mention this until now.

On a separate note, the UK gets better commercials than the US. This is clean, but not office-safe, because the sound effects are the point and you really want to be able to hear them. It’s SO cool.

(Sent to my by my friend Keely.)

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19 responses to “NIGHT ECHOES is on shelves”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Hi, Lorri. I’m so glad you liked it. I got a lot of my own favorite things in there–old houses, painting, and ghosts. We share some similar passions.

  2. Lorri Avatar

    I bought Night Echoes at my Westside Evansville Walmart, because I needed milk and a reward for a crappy summer job. I read it yesterday, all day, did nothing else, loved it! I am an art/english major and the bit about the woman being an artist caught my eye as well as the idea of renovating an old home, and the paranormal stuff-everything I need in a good book!

  3. TJ Avatar

    Just wanted to let you know that I did spy Night Echoes in the local Walmart, towards the front of an aisle and on the top row no less.

    So I’ve seen it at B&N and Walmart.

  4. Holly Avatar

    LOL. Have seen BOTH Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch. The gutting of the sheep was just choice, I tell you, but piss collector in Rome had to be a laugh riot, too. Dirty Jobs is fantastic if you’re writing any sort of historical fiction. Awesome show.

    Not that crazy about Deadliest Catch. I lived in Alaska as a kid. I remember a lot of fishermen dying–it’s dangerous work in a dangerous place. Alaska is one of the states that still has enough teeth to eat the wary along with the unwary.

    As for hockey, it’s beautiful. Quick, fluid, graceful, requiring speed, stamina, intelligence, and accuracy, offering more rewards to those who play as a team than to those who want to be prima donnas (though the sport has a few). The strategies are fascinating, the rules are only a little bit arcane, and the referees are as infuriating as they are in any other sport. And all that speed and grace is occasionally punctuated by moments of violence, sometimes stupid, but sometimes tactically intelligent and strategically necessary.

    I highly recommend it. Watching for a while with an eloquent fan who knows the game makes it a lot more fun, and easier to learn.

  5. casee Avatar

    I hope you know I wasn’t being critical. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t even have caught it if I hadn’t read it to my husband.

    He did recommend that Mike (who he knows is a fictional character) watch Dirty Jobs or Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. LOL

    Everytime I read a Deirdre Martin book I tell myself I’m going to watch a hockey game. Somehow I never have though.

  6. Holly Avatar

    Oh, that drives me nuts. I will voluntarily watch only three things on television: Hockey (I have only missed one Rangers game all season–including the post-season–and that was because we were visiting relatives for Christmas and they didn’t have Center Ice); history of any sort, and science of any sort.

    But I don’t have the time to watch much of anything at all; excluding hockey, I probably get to sit down to watch stuff two or three hours a week. I love Modern Marvels, I love History’s Mysteries, and the new Underground Cities is going to drive me nuts because I won’t get to see much of it when it airs and the episodes will be so expensive.

    I catch things as I’m able to sit down for an hour, and then I find them by channel-surfing the good stuff–History Channel, History Channel International (the best channel, I think), Military Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, Science Channel, Biography Channel, and of course, Discovery.

    Apparently, I don’t pay al much attention as I think I do to which shows are attached to which networks, though. As I’ve noted before, it’s always the stuff you think you know that trips you up when you’re doing novel continuity.

  7. casee Avatar

    I started Night Echoes yesterday and was up late reading it. I love it. Usually I get your books as soon as they hit the shelves, but I didn’t know about this one for some reason.

    I looked at your website to get your email address, but had to post this here instead. It’s a funny man story in relation to the book.

    Last night (page 90-91) I had to read this sentence to my husband: “Mike had eaten food from a bag for dinner and he made an effor to absorb himself in Discovery Channel’s Modern Marvel’s marathon, but his heart just wasn’t in it.”

    My husband is a HUGE Modern Marvels fan and I found it humorous that it was mentioned in my books, which he refers to as “porn”. He looked at me and said “Well maybe he wasn’t insterested because Modern Marvels is on the History Channel, not the Discovery Channel.”

    The reason I find this so funny is because he’s probably one of the only men that would catch that. LOL. I’m still chuckling about it this morning.

    Sorry to ramble…*g*

  8. anderyn Avatar

    Well, that sucks. (About the bookstores not getting it, I mean.) I tend to buy things at the bookstore whenever possible, since I like bricks’n’mortar, but it is getting more and more frustrating — I don’t like it when I ask for a book and they don’t have it in stock, so they have to special order a mass market paperback. After all, that’s part of why I GO to the brick’n’mortar store to begin with — to have the instant gratification of that book in my hot little paws asap. And when my Krogers store has more interesting books than my Borders, there’s something WRONG in Denmark, or, rather, Ann Arbor.

    Where are these lovely reviews? I’d love to point people to them.

  9. Holly Avatar

    Anderyn–Waldenbooks got NIGHT ECHOES. Booksamillion didn’t, at least according to the local chain. I don’t know if Barnes and Noble or Borders got it in their stores. I know it’s available online. Not sure how many copies made it into the brick-and-mortar stores.

    It got lovely reviews, though.

  10. anderyn Avatar

    I found NIGHT ECHOES at the grocery story last night, and devoured it as soon as I got home. I haven’t seen it at Borders, which makes me cranky, considering that I go there every week to check out the new books. They should have had it out weeks ago.

    I truly enjoyed the ghost cat and the fact that Mike couldn’t see him at first. The interactions between Emma and Mike were very nice and — while I’d have liked them to have spent a bit more time to decide they were in love — I really thought their conversation after they’d had sex the first time was great.

  11. Holly Avatar

    Annalisa, I’m delighted that the opening worked for you. It took me a few tries to get that. ๐Ÿ˜€

    And I know what you mean about the painting. I paint, too, but not much anymore.

  12. Annalisa Avatar

    Even though this post is a few days old, I thought this was the appropriate place to put this comment: Holly, the prologue for Night Echoes is the most powerful one I have ever read. It’s chilling, enthralling, and makes me want to know more immediately. You NAILED it.

    One part I especially loved was when Emma was working on her fantasy art submissions. I’m a painter myself, but a painter in a rut. The “professionals” in college did their best to crush my love of painting. Your descriptions of Emma working on her paintings felt so REAL, and they inspired me and made me remember what I love about it. So thank you so much for that.

  13. Nicole Avatar

    It’s going to be all I can do to not read devour my copy of Night Echoes tonight before bed. Only the fact that I have to work tomorrow stands a chance of keeping me from staying up until 0-dark-30 reading.

    FYI, come May I’m thinking of doing a Hobbit-style birthday party on my blog, and holding a give-away. If so, one of your books will be on the list of presents. Now to figure out which one…

  14. Adam101 Avatar

    Yeah, here in the UK we get some awesome ads from Honda:

  15. Holly Avatar

    Thank you, Shelly. You get major Cool Points. I really appreciate the plugs, and hope you enjoy the book.

  16. Shelly @ Bewitched Avatar

    We have you in the small mall chain store I work in and not only did I buy it, but I got a coworker to buy it and Midnight Rain. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Holly Avatar

    Shawna, you did it right. Cool results, too.

    Currently my site is worth over $33,000, according to them. And a single ad link on a single page would be worth $21 a month.

    For the personal site of one midlist writer, that’s not too bad. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. TJ Avatar

    I forgot to mention that I received notice that my pre-order had shipped.

    I should be receiving Night Echoes along with other books my husband will no doubt roll his eyes at in a few days.

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