New Writing Diary Theme

The cluttered look of the old theme was driving me nuts. Got the lesson done a bit early today, found a new theme. This one is clean and not fussy.

And earlier today, did a little video for the How To Think Sideways course.

My next planned video is a guided tour of—just a quick one, but enough to show people how to find the ton of stuff I have on the site.

The headache is back, though, and is blinding. Going to go lie down.

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8 responses to “New Writing Diary Theme”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Guitar. Yes. I’m still playing. But that’s not me. Gawd, I wish I were that good.

  2. Noucamp Avatar

    I also note the guitar in the background of the video, my great passion! Are you still playing?

  3. Noucamp Avatar

    Congratulations with the new look Holly, it can take ages to get the set up you want, with so many options.

    Sorry about your headache, hope your doing better today!

  4. Chassit Avatar

    Nice template. I really like it!

  5. PolarBear Avatar

    Yeah. I didn’t think so. Grin! Sharp looking page.

  6. Holly Avatar

    It took me a bit of messing with the templates to figure out where the ad codes were hidden. Do NOT want advertising on my writing diary. Yuck.

  7. TinaK Avatar

    I love the new look Holly! Clean and sleek.

  8. PolarBear Avatar

    OK. I was surprised to see this. But I saw it while the ad was still in there. This is nice and clean.

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