New Writing Course Goes Live

Holly Lisle's THE WRITING CRAFT: Dialogue -- Episode 1: Dialogue and Subtext
Holly Lisle’s THE WRITING CRAFT: Dialogue — Episode 1: Dialogue and Subtext
I’m delighted to announce that I finally got my act together and put up Episode One of THE WRITING CRAFT: Dialogue, which is Dialogue and Subtext.


Have tested everything, it all works, and you can check it out now.

This is the first time I’ve done a pure video course (though naturally it includes worksheet and transcript as well), and I’m delighted with the way it’s coming together.

Each episode stands alone, and you’ll be able to buy only the ones that interest you, or eventually, whole sets.

Future episodes in this 8-part series will be out as close to monthly as I can make them—but I am deep in novel now, and reserve the right to focus on Dreaming The Dead as necessary to do it right.

I hope you’ll find Dialogue and Subtextenlightening, helpful, and fun.

And I hope you have a great weekend. Back Monday.

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  1. Glynis Smy Avatar

    That was so informative. I read through and listened to the video, and wondered what you could possibly change. I was amazed by how little you changed, but what a big impact it had on the wip. A valuable lesson.

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