New Topics, New Content

You’ll notice a bunch of new topics in the left-hand TOPICS column, and if you ever use the topics column, you’ll discover that I’ve changed the order of items.

There’s now a little question mark icon in the top right corner of the Topics box. If you click it, you’ll get a new window that shows each topic in order, along with a picture of its icon and a brief description of what it’s about.

The new topics I’ve added are older novels I’ve chronicled as I wrote. Over the next however long it takes, I’ll be adding the writing entries from my old weblogs into this weblog, and filing them under the topic for the book to which each one pertains. This is so, if you’re reading a particular book and are curious about how the book was written, you’ll be able to click on its title and follow its progress through to completion. (This is also for my convenience. There are times when I want to know how I got through a particular section, as well, and having the material filed in a single-click location will be useful for me.)

This may take some time, but I think the results will be interesting enough to justify the effort. The old weblogs will remain in place in their entirety, and will remain available as links through this weblog. The book-writing entries will be duplicates, not replacements.

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