New Technique for Shooting the Videos

By Holly Lisle

So after yesterdays debacle with post-production on THE WRITING CRAFT: How To Motivate Yourself, I had two choices. I could either go back in and do exactly the same work I did yesterday today. Or I could figure out a different way of producing the work in the first place that wouldn’t require three hours of post-production for twenty minutes of video.

I applied some sideways thinking, and reshot the video from scratch this morning. Shooting took around 23 minutes. (I talked a bit more this time). Post production took…about 30 minutes.

And I am uploading Section I right now, so that it will be available TODAY to all Think Sideways grads, and to all current Think Sideways students who are on Lesson 5 or higher. (If you’re just starting, you’ll get “How To Motivate Yourself” when you reach Lesson 5, and will receive each of the four segments weekly that month, because they do require work on your part, and Month 2 of Think Sideways is not exactly a cakewalk.

The section of the course available today will have the handouts, and a watchable version of the course (the student theater version). It won’t include the transcript (I hire someone else to do that, and still have to get the mp3 to her), and it won’t include the downloadable video (I still have to do a reformat of that smaller than 85 MB that will still be readable at full screen on your computer. Breaking the section up into multiple downloads is first on my list.)

But my new process should VASTLY increase the speed with which I can put the rest of the thing together without decreasing the quality.

And the whole thing will still be available in the shop either the end of this month or the beginning of next, once I get it all packaged nicely.

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