New TalysMana Scene Posted

By Holly Lisle

Got 1067 words tonight, and the next scene of TalysMana, HUNTING DEMONS BY SMELL, went into the mailer.

I like what I got. I’m working off the barest of bare-bones outlines for this story, and I really like the way some of the details filled in on this bit. I was especially pleased with the way i FINALLY got to work in lightcross and shadowcross, and just a teaser (for now) about how they work.

I know parts of this were rough—and I know some typos and such made it through. But this is as raw as first draft gets. I wrote it, did not re-read it. Just posted it.

I’ll read and do a bit of sharpening on it tomorrow as part of my warm-up for the start of the next scene.

But I already have the next scene visualized. It’s a candybar scene for sure.


If you’re writing a book with me, how are your words coming along?

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