New TalysMana Scene Posted

Got 1067 words tonight, and the next scene of TalysMana, HUNTING DEMONS BY SMELL, went into the mailer.

I like what I got. I’m working off the barest of bare-bones outlines for this story, and I really like the way some of the details filled in on this bit. I was especially pleased with the way i FINALLY got to work in lightcross and shadowcross, and just a teaser (for now) about how they work.

I know parts of this were rough—and I know some typos and such made it through. But this is as raw as first draft gets. I wrote it, did not re-read it. Just posted it.

I’ll read and do a bit of sharpening on it tomorrow as part of my warm-up for the start of the next scene.

But I already have the next scene visualized. It’s a candybar scene for sure.


If you’re writing a book with me, how are your words coming along?

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26 responses to “New TalysMana Scene Posted”

  1. Birgitte Necessary Avatar

    Yay!! I can feel it! Thanks everyone!!!!

  2. Birgitte Necessary Avatar

    Write-a-thon today!!! A bunch of friends and I dedicate Sunday’s to catching up on our word count. Actually have my WIP open on my desktop. This is progress, right?? Need at least 2000 words today. Send energy my way! πŸ™‚

    1. Danzier Avatar

      I like your plan for ketchup days πŸ˜‰
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      Writing energy on its way to you πŸ˜€
      Break a leg!

    2. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      Energy your way!

      Don’t stop at 2000!

  3. flowinginkwoman Avatar

    Yahoo!! just signed up to read TalysMana: Hunting Demons By Smell. I’m really looking forward toreading the first draft and seeing the artifacts big time.

    Hi everyone, glad to meet you all.

    I’m with you Gabby , yahoo isn’t what it used to be before they decided to “improve it”; should have left it alone in my opinon.
    That goes double for Windows 7… XP was not nearly as unweildy to use.

    Trying to get back into the swing of things again after a long, very long hiatus. I’m going to aim for 250 words a day. If I get get more, goodie if I get less I promise…please note that I have my hand on my heart] to not give myself a hard time about it. Hopefully this will help with going forward. I’ve been a bit stuck.

  4. Writing Nerd Avatar
    Writing Nerd

    hi everyone!

    after one bad day and two great days, ive written about 3500 new words. still on the prewrite but learning soo much about this new world. as i was doing an exercise, i came up with an idea for a second novel? don’t u love it when that happens? haha. can’t wait to actually start this first novel, but i need to figure out many details. i have never written this much and been this committed before! glad ur feeling better holly and happy writing everyone!!!

  5. Phil Avatar

    I finished a chapter but that only was about 200 words. I was pissed at my bank so I wrote a 900 word story that made me feel a little better. Need a break? You can read it here:

    Back to my book tomorrow.


  6. Larkk Avatar

    Wed. 566 words
    Thur. 721 words
    I’ve been getting my words in the morning before work. It’s quiet, (except for my music) I have coffee and nobody else is awake to interrupt me.

    And then sometimes, I get more ideas throughout the day, from the words I wrote in the morning.

  7. Birgitte Necessary Avatar


    My words are coming slowly. Also working on barest bones outline and filling in the blanks is hard for some reason with this one. Do I need to research more? Interview my characters? Hmmm. Eat chocolate?

    1. Gabby Avatar

      Hi Birgitte,
      I like your website… very cool. I vote more chocolate… that always makes everything better. πŸ™‚

  8. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    Nothing done last night and I doubt I will do anything tonight. But I am looking toward this weekend with the hope of getting a whole lot done on the revision and some writing done on a short story.

  9. Danzier Avatar

    I guess this is my first official post. I’ve been trying to write a book–truthfully I mean about three books and a 5-book series–which are all flopping like dead fish at the moment. I’m going to concentrate on the series here; it’s all one story and it’s my biggest passion. It’s also my biggest mess.

    So I got 1178 words today (that’s 2 pages) just trying to figure out why the series is flopping. My writing goal this year is to turn my pile of goo into the sculpture I know it can be. Incidentally, this goo pile is going by the name AJCTA, and my latest overarching word count is 138,000 words, averaging 27,000 words per book. And I can’t seem to work on one book without working on all of them, because a small change in one leads to big problems in the others.

    Oh yeah, and I have 3 of Holly’s courses–Language, Culture, and Plot clinics–but I’m too broke to buy more, so I’m trying to work with what’s available. Holly, thanks for making so much available!!

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      Welcome, Danzier.

      That sort of butterfly wing effect in one book causing changes in other books is to be expected. It even happens when there’s just one book. The main thing is getting your draft finished. That’s when you step back and make all those parts fit together properly.

      If I were you… and I’m not, but if I were… I’d forget about books 2-5. Get book 1 written and completed. Then step back and see what you’ve discovered during the process of writing it and then map out the second book and what has to happen there. Then finish that 2nd book.

      Let’s say you’re writing the third book and you decide to change something or have something happen that’s going to impact things that happened in the 1st two books, then from that point, write it like that. Don’t go back and fix things. Just make a note that there are thing that need to be fixed. And keep going from that point as though you’d already fixed the earlier work.

      Once you get that completed draft finished, then you can go back and modify things.

      Now, this is taking the approach that you have to finish all 5 books. You could approach it so you write and complete the first book and then everything in there is set in stone. But I think if you approach all 5 books as though it’s one huge book in 5 sections, you’re going to get more of what you want.

      But… I could be wrong… and I’m not Holly.

  10. Erin Kendall Avatar

    766 words. Finally getting back into the swing.


  11. Peggy Avatar

    After I got back from vacation (and got over the cold that followed rapidly thereon), I started re-reading DG to get back into the feel and flow of the story, as well as fix the little things that needed to be fixed as I went. Which means that over the last three days, I’ve had a net gain of about 250 words.

    I have two new scenes to write — Angela investigating a runaway shelter, and the vice-presidential candidate’s reaction to Candidate Ken’s announcement.

    (Yes, I do think of him as Candidate Ken, which brings up all sorts of associations with Intern Barbie, which means I’ll probably need to rename him at some point.)

    But after I finish tweaking the last 8 pages and add in those two new scenes, I’ll be ready to rack up the words!

  12. Khena Avatar

    200 words for me. My head was still a little foggy, so I stopped with that. No new work on my revision though.

  13. klharrds Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    I’ve signed up for your TalysMana project and am looking forward to reading it but i still dont have installment number 1. I do have 2-9. I’ve emailed a couple of times but number 1 never comes through. Have the installments been miss numbered and is number 2 ‘ER, With A Side Of Law’ meant to be the first installment?

    I’d appreciate it if you could let me know.


    1. Gabby Avatar

      That’s definitely scene 2. Did you try replying to the email you got (with the other scenes)? I think that’s what we were supposed to let them know if we missed a scene. I was trying to doublecheck for you but my yahoo email account is all messed up.

      1. klharrds Avatar

        Yeah, a couple of times now but i havent heard anything back. Thats why I wondered if I had the first scene but it was just numbered 2. Thanks for confirming it’s not for me.

        1. Danzier Avatar

          If you still don’t have it, link your email address and I’ll forward you my copy of part one.

          1. klharrds Avatar

            Thanks very much! But i’m not sure what you mean by ‘link your email address’ – sorry.

          2. Danzier Avatar

            Sorry–I meant post, not link. I was tired… Or you can e-mail me ( and I’ll reply with the forward.

  14. Greg Avatar

    KavI: 649
    D&DII: 757
    OFL: 939, and the first draft finished πŸ™‚ hoping to get the preliminary, structural revision done over the weekend, chopping and smooshing scenes and characters, so cosmetic revision can begin on Monday.
    RFW: 1271
    Have a few dates of exam invigilation at a local school coming up, which will slow me down a little – I’ll probably let KavI and D&DII slip on those days…

    1. Larkk Avatar

      Way to go Greg! Congrats on finishing your first draft, and happy revising πŸ˜€

  15. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    1008 words.

    The Princess, disguised with an eyepatch and gray hair (among other things), went into the Shipping Director’s office and basically begged for work. While she was planting explosives. Then, while she was in her cabin getting dolled up for a date, she got called to the bridge because an Imperial Corvette is coming in to dock at the slip across from them. So the Princes gets a raincheck on her date using a flimsy excuse. The crew wants to cut and run because there’s no way they can take on a corvette. But the Princess wants to know why not?

    Last night, I got bit/stung by a wasp. I had a headache last night and this morning and I had some phlegmy buildup… and some skin issues where i got bit/stung/whatever. I went to the doctor (for something totally unrelated) and she thinks it might be allergies OR a slight allergic reaction to the wasp. Everything else checked out well, though. So I should be fine. πŸ™‚

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      1022 words.

      The Traffic Controller, who was supposed to go on a date with the Princess (without knowing who she is), is in the cafeteria when a co-worker is telling a story of how she ran into the Princess at a slave auction on the Pirate station. When the co-worker says the Princess’ name, the Traffic Controller pulls up his comp and looks for pictures of her… and realizes who she is. In another scene, a couple of the Princess’ crew go into a cantina to have some drinks. One of the girls decides she wants to dance but the miner she grabs doesn’t know how. A couple of Imperial navymen walk in and start drinking. One of them starts dancing with the girl who likes to dance and the other girl goes to the miner and basically questions his manhood. A fight ensues between the miners and the Imperials… and the girls from the crew are happy.

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