NEW SECRET BIG COURSE: Lesson 15 is Started. And finished.

Sat down. Wrote. I knew what I wanted, I knew what I needed…

And I love it when a plan comes together.


Granted, I’m out of bed at 6 AM, and hauling ass for five straight hours on just this one thing, so this project is NOT coming together out of magic and fairy dust.

This is butt in chair, hands on the keyboard, don’t-get-up-to-get-a-drink-or-go-to-the-bathroom work.

It’s focused, it’s intense, and when I’m done, I can feel the tired. Seriously.

But I LOVE what I got. I think writers are going to really enjoy the process in these lessons.

Now, however..?


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3 responses to “NEW SECRET BIG COURSE: Lesson 15 is Started. And finished.”

  1. Elaine Avatar

    I wish I could be that focused on my writing, but I’m glad you are. Yes, you deserve a nap. I’m really looking forward to learning what this new course is about.

  2. Vanessa Avatar

    Naps boost productivity.

  3. James, F.E. Avatar

    Naps are good, especially after getting words done.

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