New Mini-Course?

Question is, Would you like to have a new mini-course on Dialogue like the current mini-course on Plotting?

Answers are either YES or NO

Comments and questions about dialogue are welcome.

Freakin’ Survey Gizmo didn’t work this time, either.

If you’re interested and don’t want ask a question or write a comment, just log in (in the column to your right, under META, and you’ll need to make a new account if you haven’t created an account for my web diary because I host the thing here and your generic WordPress login will not work. CLICK HERE TO CREATE NEW ACCOUNT )—and either post “Yes,” or “No.”

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65 responses to “New Mini-Course?”

  1. KalevTait Avatar

    Yes. I’d finish with the courses in the Feburary sucks bundle first, but once I’ve done that I’ll likely continue getting whatever courses you put out. I find the implicit encouragement in your courses inspiring enough that they are worth it even without the content.

  2. klharrds Avatar

    I’d love to get a Beta Copy. As for spoilers, i think i’ll wait until I’ve read part one, Ruby Key and before reading it. We’ve only got til May to wait. You did say it was only for fun right?

  3. Linda Visman Avatar

    Whatever I know, it’s not as much as I think I know. So – yes, please!

  4. meg Avatar

    Yes! Thank you !

  5. TimK Avatar

    Yes. I would sign up for it, Holly. I’m always interested to hear what you have to say on any writing topic.


  6. mikazuki Avatar

    Yes, most definately. Personally, dialogue is one of my biggest issues.

  7. hopefulauthor Avatar

    hopeful says Yes!

  8. Madwise Avatar


  9. magickelise Avatar

    Yes. Oh, yes. As I found, by writing, that for some reason my characters are pretty chatty.

  10. tkeller Avatar

    YES. ๐Ÿ˜€ (Agreed with CrstinWriter)

  11. CrstlnWriter Avatar

    Yes. Writers can always use help with their writing.

  12. LisaM Avatar

    Yes, I would be very interested in a course on dialogue.

  13. talithakalago Avatar

    Yes. I would be interesting to read what you have to say about it.

  14. Wolfhardt Avatar

    Let me think a moment … YES!!! of course^^. Plot and action are no Problem for, but my dialog allways seem clunky to me

  15. whittcfw Avatar

    I love you other courses they’ve helped me a lot with my writing so all I can say is yes, yes, yes to a dialogue mini course.

  16. Blackfire Avatar

    Yes please, it would be wonderful

  17. InkGypsy Avatar

    Yes (always open to learning more).

  18. oldedi Avatar

    Count me in, YES!

  19. SeraPhyn Avatar

    Yes! Definitely!

  20. Lenneth Avatar

    Yes, please!

  21. WordLover Avatar

    YES! Please!

  22. Jass Avatar

    Please and thank you, Holly.

  23. CrimsonLadyBug Avatar

    Yes, this is a great idea. The plotting one was really good. It would be great if this could be a series.

  24. Deedlit Avatar

    Yes ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Kyralae Avatar

    Great idea and something I really need help with – yes, yes, yes!

    Thank you Holly.

  26. RMSolberg Avatar

    Yes, please thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    GREAT idea!

  27. Ulfgeir Avatar

    Yes. Wonderful idea!

  28. lmsignorelli Avatar

    A resounding YES to a mini-course on dialogue!

  29. Drake_Tesla Avatar

    Yes, please. If it wouldn’t take your time and attention from something else you really ought to be doing.

    I feel that dialogue is one of my strengths. (I’ve written a couple of plays, and theatre’s a good training ground. An amateur actor or director who really adores community theatre makes a knowledgeable and outspoken critic.) That said, sometimes you gain more from polishing your strengths than from dragging your weaknesses up to a better class of mediocre.

  30. wisemoon Avatar

    YES! Definitely.


  31. mighty_mite Avatar

    Yes! I’d love to see what you’ve got to say on the subject.

  32. Ameasha Avatar

    Yes I would love and appreciate a new mini-course on Dialogue like the current mini-course on Plotting? I can use all the help I can get.

  33. KaosTheory Avatar

    A most definite yes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. prayleen Avatar

    yes please.

    Thanks Holly!

  35. dpace17 Avatar

    ABSOLUTELY!!!….. we can never learn enough, there’s always room for improvement.

  36. valerieeverhart Avatar

    Yes! My dialogue is too stilted.

  37. DasteRoad Avatar

    Yes, I’d love to see another mini-course of yours. Sometimes I feel my dialogues are very wooden, like everyone was standing there doing nothing while waiting for their turn to speak… especially when more than two people are involved ^^;

  38. Loksi55 Avatar

    Yes, I am interested. Thanks for the offer. I appreciate all the effort you have put into the courses so far.

  39. NancyB Avatar

    Sure! My dialogue tends to run away from me, or maybe run away with itself. I can always use pointers! Thanks!

  40. Linda Avatar

    Yes. Dialogue is one of my strongest things, but that doesn’t mean I know everything about it. I figure I can always learn something I didn’t know that can kick my writing up a bit more.

  41. Catherine Avatar


  42. MattScudder Avatar

    My answer: Depends. Dialogue is, I think, my strong point. So if you were thinking of another mini-course, say on researching or world-building (I don’t write sf or fantasy, but my settings/worlds can be sketchy) I would go for one of those before I would dialogue. But if it’s a question of dialogue mini-course or nada, I’d love it. Any of your writing instruction is helpful, and I know I can always learn more about any aspect of the craft.

  43. Bethanie Avatar

    Yes!! HECK, yes!!

    I actually feel like I have a pretty good handle on dialog, but I’m equally certain that there’s always room for improvement (does that even make sense? it’s still early-ish here…). In any case, I would value anything you have to say on the subject. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Ronder Avatar


  45. shelbi Avatar

    Yes, please.

  46. rcyork Avatar


  47. Holly Avatar

    Good God. Survey Gismo doesn’t work at this, either.

  48. Geekomancer Avatar

    I would love to see a mini-course on dialog. I know I tend to have a problem using ellipses in my dialog. Mainly to simulate pauses, but I think I may use them too much.

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