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My name is Holly Lisle and I’m a full-time writer.

On my personal site, you’ll find tons of novel chapters, articles on writing and publishing, my frequently opinionated and sometimes controversial weblog, links to my novels and writing courses, and more.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

[div class=’content-2-col-left’] Chapters, Stories, and Worldbuilding for Readers

For readers new to my work, I’ve put together a cross section of chapters from current and older novels, some complete new and reprinted short stories, original and reprinted poetry, and some other things.


[div class=’content-2-col-right’] FAQS, Articles, and Workshops for Writers

I’ve written extensively about writing, including creating writing FAQs, articles, workshops, classes, and complete courses. My shorter nonfiction material is here. The bigger things are at


[div class=’content-2-col-left’] My Fiction, Writing Courses, and More

My bookshop is on my OTHER site, but but you CAN get there from here:

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BLOG: Pocket Full Of Words

Discussion, debate, and details on what interests me and what I’m doing now.

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