New Finalists Added — and About the Contest

List of new finalists posted. Thank you for the quality of the entries so far. I’m amazed at how good the writing is.

Please note that some of the entries are of prize-winning quality but are not on the finalist list — this is ONLY because they do not, in my opinion, hit the topic.

Click through to read titles plus comments on the near-hits. I wanted those of you who wrote them to realize how close you are, and I hoped the comments would add further focus for others interested in playing.

Also remember, you can enter as often as you like, but every entry has to be new.

A WOMAN SCORNED — This is a gorgeous, well-written piece, but I read it as being about revenge. Well-justified revenge, but revenge nonetheless.

PRINCESS-CRANE — Wonderful voice, sharp imagery, a great sense of the clash of cultures. I can’t get it to pull together into clear focus — I miss seeing how it’s about rediscovering honor. To me, this is about abandonment and coming to terms with a lost parent.

THE MINUTE BEFORE I GROW UP — I love the approach on this, the sharp, clear contrast between the voices from the past and the writer in the present, and I love the resonance that the title gives to the whole piece. Powerful writing. Again, though, I miss seeing where this is about rediscovering honor. It’s a helluva coming-of-age piece, though.

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