New Agent, After Eleven Years

By Holly Lisle

Well, it’s done as of today, and some of the private stress I’ve been carrying around since November of last year is done with it. I have changed agents; Robin Rue of Writers House now represents me.

Saying goodbye to Russ Galen after eleven years was tough; however, I’m changing my direction, my goals, and with luck the course of my career, and I had to have an agent who shared a love for the new path I’ve chosen for myself. Robin was that person. I’m excited about the future, excited about my goals, and at the same time nervous. But it’s a good kind of nervous.


Onward, with bated breath, to discover what the future may hold.

Oh, yes. Gods Old and Dark trotted out the door today. Tonight, Midnight Rain takes its place on the taskbar.

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