New ads for affiliates, and an affiliate note

By Holly Lisle

I’ve deleted the Affiliate Support Board—it was an endless irritant because spammers found it, joined, and left me clearing spam, while it turned out not to be terribly useful for affiliates. I’m not sure what sort of communication WOULD be good for affiliates. Basically, I need to be able to let you know when someone wins a monthly bonus and when we have new products, and you need to be able to let me know when you’re having problems getting your ads to work.

If you have any suggestions about keeping in touch regarding the affiliate program, I’d love to hear them. The affiliate program itself comes with a newsletter creator, which would be ideal except that even in my mailbox, the newsletters invariably come in marked as spam. Suggestions? Comments?

The following are our newest banner ads. The single-book ads come in the size shown and one that’s 120 px. wide. There are also simple text ads. The tower banner sends readers to the Writing section.

Follow this link if you’re already an affiliate and you want to pick up the new banners (or if you’re not an affiliate, but you’d like to be).

Affiliate ad for Vision: The Workshops Affiliate ad for Nonfiction
Affiliate ad for Create A Culture Clinic

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