Need Some Research Help with the Onyx Proposal

I’m looking for topographical maps or images of the seafloor off the east coast of Costa Rica, out to about five miles — though more would be better than less — and preferably presented on the web, though if the maps are attainable through simple, reasonably-priced purchase (twenty bucks max), that would be okay, too. I need as much of the area as I can get. I’m trying to place a wreck, and I need a specific type of seafloor terrain for its placement (ties in to the plot). I’ve not had any luck finding what I need in this regard. I’ll credit the person who suggests workable resources in the acknowledgments, provided the book sells. And thanks for any help on this.

Other research is going well; resources on wreck diving and shipbuilding are plentiful online, and I have good books in hand or on order for the specifics I’ll need to do this book. Yeah, I’m pretty confident about this one.

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6 responses to “Need Some Research Help with the Onyx Proposal”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Hrm, this full-rez image is the best I see of the region. There are also Costa Rica maps, though the maps of Nicaragua from the same site also look helpful.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Have you tried Google Earth?

    Have to take a look when I’m on the recreational machine. My work computer is a Mac, and Google Earth is still a Windows-only beta.

  3. Alison Kent Avatar
    Alison Kent

    Have you tried Google Earth?

    The dh is always showing me minute geological details, though I’m not sure it would include seafloors.

  4. heather Avatar

    Ok, disregard that last link. Strange. It was working about 10 minutes ago.

  5. heather Avatar

    I’m not familiar with topographical sea floor maps, so these may not even be remotely close to what you’re looking for… but, hopefully it is. I had the most luck searching for the Caribbean Plate and the Columbia Basin.

  6. m.rivera Avatar

    Topographical maps are always hard to find–at least the right ones are for me anyway. Here’s two. I don’t know if they will help you, there’s not a lot of detail in them. Good luck!'seafloor%20off%20costa%20rica

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