Need More Candy-Bar Scenes

Is the story about the rescue of the heroine from slavery? Is it about the finding of her lost people? Or is it about the fight between the Tonk and the Feegash, through the Feegash’s Sinali proxies?

Most of the candy-bar scenes at this point lean toward the hero/heroine romantic line. However, having figured out the villain, I think I need to add in more of the greater fight — the epic struggle between a once-unified people suddenly torn by division and treachery from within and battered by the forces of a world outside its borders. I’ll have to do that by bringing in more of my villain — Senior Diplomat Benivet of the Feegash, brought into the region specifically to bring Hyre and its pain-in-the-ass Tonks into line.

Do I treat him as a POV character? I’m doing this one first/third, just as I did TALYN, and there really doesn’t seem to be a good way to bring in a third POV. But if I don’t, then I can only see him through the eyes of either the hero or heroine, who will have first and third viewpoints repectively.

Still struggling with that, too. The female lead had the first-person part in TALYN, and I’m giving it to the male lead this time because he’s Tonk.

Need more candy-bar scenes.

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