Nearly 11 PM

Just finished day one of the type-in. I can hope the next days go faster than this one, but I don’t think I can hope it and be realistic at the same time. I need to have 10,000 completed words done each day, and I got that today, but it was a long, long haul.

First three chapters are in the can.

And I need to sleep, because I need to be up to do this again tomorrow.

But it’s worth it. This time the book is falling right, fitting the way it needs to fit.

Still. Miles to go.

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6 responses to “Nearly 11 PM”

  1. NancyB Avatar

    Wow. I’m always blown away at how you manage to goals. Of course, that’s why you’re the pro. Good luck with the rest of the write-in. Can’t wait to read the final result!

  2. vanity Avatar

    Oh, I see. That one-pass revision looks like a good idea. I am still far away from that stage, seeing as I have yet to reach even the 30 page false starts you mention in mugging the muse (I have tacked pages 26, 32, 41 and 42 to my wall to keep me focused).

    Hopefully I can skip those, though.

    Good luck with the revision process! I am amazed that you can function with a mere 4 hours of sleep, sadly I need a lot more. Looking forward to reading the finished book.

  3. Holly Avatar

    Hi, Vanity,

    I created a process I call One-Pass Revision to cut down on meandering and get me the best book I’m capable of writing at the time in the shortest time possible. It’s grueling, but I’ve done my best work since developing it. (I’ve amended parts of it since I wrote this workshop, and much amended it this time by a necessary revision of tactics to deal with this particular book, but the bones of the process remain the same.)

    Hey, Jean, will be running all day and online if you want to join in.

    Tina—got some sleep, from five AM to nine AM. Pretty awake now, though, and definitely ready for the day. Thanks for the good wishes.

  4. TinaK Avatar

    Hope you got some sleep Holly and I’m so glad to hear things are better than ever with the book. Good luck with the continued type in.

  5. PolarBear Avatar

    Vanity, that’s how Holly handles revisions, but you are right about the distractions — give the idea of writing off-line and typing in a try and see if it works for you. Alternatively, you can turn off or unplug your internet connection and type from there. Once you meet your goal, you could plug back in and “play.”

  6. vanity Avatar

    Ah, so you are actually not writing on the computer the first time around and then have to type in everything.
    Since the computer – or more specifically net access – is such a distraction, perhaps I should give that a try as well.

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