NaNo Report: On target. GLUED on target.

By Holly Lisle

Today went well. I’ve nailed myself to my 2500 words-per-day word limit, in spite of the fact that I’m hitting my planned wordcounts in right at two hours.

It’s incredibly tempting to keep going, to push on. Today I had folks in the room with me, and I truly hated leaving. But I’m doing this WITH regular work, and WITH the rule that I take my weekends off.

So I have done one scene a day, and right at 2500 words a day, each of the four days so far. I’m taking tomorrow and Sunday off from writing, even though I left today’s scene with a great cliffhanger, and I can feel the next scene sitting right behind me, waiting to work its way out.

But a lot of years of doing this have taught me that planning the work and then working the plan is how to finish. So I’m turning my back on temptation.

With the following single exception. I’ve decided that I cannot write one more scene with my male MC’s name. It has to change. So over the weekend, I’m coming up with a new first name for him. ‘Cause … DAMN!

And that’s my first end-of-week NaNo report.

How are you doing?

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