NaNo Report: On target. GLUED on target.

Today went well. I’ve nailed myself to my 2500 words-per-day word limit, in spite of the fact that I’m hitting my planned wordcounts in right at two hours.

It’s incredibly tempting to keep going, to push on. Today I had folks in the room with me, and I truly hated leaving. But I’m doing this WITH regular work, and WITH the rule that I take my weekends off.

So I have done one scene a day, and right at 2500 words a day, each of the four days so far. I’m taking tomorrow and Sunday off from writing, even though I left today’s scene with a great cliffhanger, and I can feel the next scene sitting right behind me, waiting to work its way out.

But a lot of years of doing this have taught me that planning the work and then working the plan is how to finish. So I’m turning my back on temptation.

With the following single exception. I’ve decided that I cannot write one more scene with my male MC’s name. It has to change. So over the weekend, I’m coming up with a new first name for him. ‘Cause … DAMN!

And that’s my first end-of-week NaNo report.

How are you doing?

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6 responses to “NaNo Report: On target. GLUED on target.”

  1. Alex G Zarate Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    Good to hear you have a process to stick to as NaNoWriMo days fly by. I do not go as high as your 2500 per day goal. I limit myself between the recommended 1667 words and about 2000 per day every day. (Yikes)

    I work a standard 10-12 hr a day job and do what I can after I get home. Mostly I get the word count in… mostly.

    Although my MC is struggling with internal issues, I’ve tossed in a few wild cards to flip his world upside down before the scene concludes.

    I would try giving myself a little more down time while tackling the challenge, but… Truth be told, creating worlds and following the characters I’ve dug out of my inner worlds is about the best fun I can have.

    Even on the days when I am worn out, weary and sleep deprived, writing is a good feeling. Sitting at my desk with some melody in the air and my hands at the keyboard, I find all of life’s ills fall away.

    True, when I emerge from my other-worldly travels, my body might ache, droopy eyes might have me bobbing my head before rising from my chair and a growling stomach might join in to eagerly compete for my attention.

    But I attend to each while holding a lingering thread of story in mind. Before long, I will return to the joy and wild abandon gifted to all creatives.

    Happy writing Holly and thank you for all you do in writing and in helping other writers follow their dreams.


  2. Eileen P Landreth Avatar
    Eileen P Landreth

    Good to hear another work of fiction is in progress, all my best to you and yours Keep up ehr good work.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Thanks, Eileen. Getting set up for today’s run now. 😀

  3. Tuff Gartin Avatar
    Tuff Gartin

    Hi Holly, I’ll check back in Sunday night with my progress report. My end-of-weeks are typically Sundays. Because of my job, and because of my family situation, my days off from writing usually happen on weekdays.

    But I did want to applaud your discipline. It would be hard enough for me to stop writing after a great cliffhanger and waiting until the next day…I’d be chomping at the bit. But to take an entire weekend off after a great cliffhanger…unfathomable to me. I guess that’s why you’re the pro and I’m not.

    Good luck with the male MC name change! Been there, done that. Usually happens to me when I envisioned a character one way during pre-planning and planning, but the character decided to take on a different persona after I started writing, so the name didn’t quite work any more.

    I’ll check back in Sunday night…goal is to be at 17K at that point.

    1. Tuff Gartin Avatar
      Tuff Gartin

      Made it to 17928 and finished first 5 scenes. Struggled with 3rd scene yesterday…didn’t go as I had planned…2 characters interacting decided to go in a different direction…added much more conflict for later, so I went with it…which caused me to rethink the rest of that scene as well. But I love those moments when characters do that.

      Goal thru next Sunday (11/13): 34K – 37K

      Happy Writing!


      1. Holly Avatar

        That’s a fantastic run. Congratulations. 😀

        Know what you mean about the story going in a different direction. Mine’s doing that to me, too.

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