My word meter’s broken

One of the parts of the site that didn’t survive the transfer was my old Geeklog weblog, which was just sitting in a back corner of the site minding its own business. I kept it back there because I’d installed Margaret Fisk’s WIP wordcount meter into it, and it was easier just to use it as it was than to do a reinstall on a separate database.

But now…no progress meter. Aaaagh!

I have the Scrivener one which at least keeps me focused, but there’s something about getting the word count for the day posted publicly that makes it easier to get in and do the next day’s words.

I’m plugging along on Moonroads. Not the progress I would have liked for today, but better than none.

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6 responses to “My word meter’s broken”

  1. Holly Avatar

    I’m guessing it’s exactly the tech support that’s at issue.

  2. PolarBear Avatar

    OOhh…I could maybe buy it through the e-store? That’d be cool. I’d love to create a database for that. I bet it’s the tech support piece that’s giving her pause, though.

  3. Holly Avatar

    Margaret took time out from putting back online to coach me through reinstalling the thing. I figured out how to give it its own database, though—kind of proud of myself for that.

    So I am once again wordcountered.

    I’m also trying to talk Margaret into putting the code out there for general use (I told her she could sell it through the e-bookstore—meeting some resistence there, though). [coughs delicately]

  4. crystallyn Avatar

    I use Zokutou to create code for my WIP and add it into my WP sidebars. The bummer is that you have to regenerate the code when you update but I find it’s not too much of a pain overall. Haven’t found any other options that work as well.

  5. Kankamuso Avatar

    Drop me a line and tell me what do you need, Holly (maybe you want to change some details in the counters instead of cloning the existing ones). I can create a custom WordPress plugin for you or just a plain PHP script. I think the bandwidth consumption is negligible if this thing is programmed properly. It would be my way of paying forward, you know.

  6. Nicole Avatar

    I love those word meters. I use them on FM, but they don’t want the meters posted off-site due to band-width issues, so I have to make do with other (lesser) meters on my blog. I feel your pain.

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