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The smoke around our place is so thick right now, breathing outside burns. Thought I’d show you a picture of my sky. It’s yellower than the camera caught, but just as thick as it looks. Those southern swamp fires you’ve been reading about? This is what it’s like to live about eighty miles away when the wind blows in the wrong direction.

Smoke in the air

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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16 years ago

I hope it clears up soon. That air looks really thick; my lungs are clogging just looking at the picture!

Completely off-topic, Holly, a couple of years ago you posted something about taking a busman’s holiday. I remember you saying that Matt strongly suggested working on something other than whatever you were struggling with (Talyn, or maybe Wreck of Heaven?). I’ve searched this diary and the last one, and I think it may have been in the one before that. Do you have a link? I want to blog about the concept and would love to give you credit for the idea, since it was yours to start with!

Thank you so much for all you do for us soon-to-be’s (formerly ‘wannabees’). Your clinics have really helped get me around learning curves and given me ideas I never would have had on my own.

16 years ago

We’ve gotten quite a bit of smoke over the past month here in Jacksonville. I’d planned to go to Atlanta this weekend, but with I-10 and I-75 closed in spots, it’s just not worth the extra effort. The concern now is whether evacuation routes will be clear in case there is a major hurricane. Stay safe.

16 years ago

Good luck and stay safe. I’ll be praying for rain for you, and everyone in the drought area.

16 years ago

My smoke detector woke me up with three sharp beeps day before yesterday. Do you think it was smoke from GA over my way?

I can confirm, however, this is not from a reprise of Sherman’s March to the Sea.

Rain. We need rain. Like Carter said, we haven’t had any since the March 1 tornadoes.

I second the be ready to move. Always room with me if you need it.

16 years ago

I remember, summer before last, when we had all those brush fires here in Oklahoma, some way to close to home for my comfort, (as in 2 miles or so).

So I can really understand what you are going through. Lot’s of people with allergies and other breathing problems had to go to special shelters, or temporarily leave the area until the fires were put out.

Keep up with the reports and stay indoors out of the smoke, and be ready to move if that becomes necessary.

After all, I want one of my favorite authors to be around to write more great stories.

16 years ago

I have friends in Atlanta who are experiencing a lot of smoke right now. Apparently 911 operators are getting calls of concerns for as much as 100 miles away–people thinking that the fires are encroaching upon their houses.

I really hope that it stays far away from where you are!

16 years ago


Hope everything clears up, Holly, looks like a pain. We had a big fire a few miles behind my house last year so I know exactly how you feel. Hope you stay safe.

16 years ago

Ugh, sympathy. My mother lives down in Central FL and they’ve been having this problem for weeks. Hope it clears up soon.

16 years ago


We’re actually getting occasional smoke from these fires in North Alabama, and I’ve been worried about you. It looks miserable — and may be a factor in your migrains. Have you checked out Dr. Pournelle’s web site and followed his link to the Medical Solutions site for the sinus irrigator. It’s been a lifesaver for me.

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