My Novels At 20% off in Ebook Form

Got a nice e-mail from the president of Diesel Books letting me know that they carry my novels in e-book form, and that I could give you a coupon good for 45 days to order them.

And they have VENGEANCE OF DRAGONS, which is the e-book people keep telling me they cannot find in any other form, or elsewhere, so I thought thing would be a neat bit of info to pass on.

The coupon will expire 45 days from today.



Copy and paste—it’s case sensitive.

And you can get the books here:

Complete SECRET TEXTS series, VINCALIS THE AGITATOR, and complete WORLD GATES series

This is not an affiliate link—I offer it only because it seems like a decent deal.

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5 responses to “My Novels At 20% off in Ebook Form”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Dspace—Thank you so much. There are letters and posts that every writer wants to get, and your post here has summed them all up in two paragraphs. I’m so very happy the books have sucked you in and made reading fun again. That’s my goal, and knowing that sometimes I get one between the posts and into the net means more to me than you can know.

    (Hockey metaphor, for those of you into lesser sports. [ahem] NY Rangers made the playoffs, I’ve only missed two games all year, and I am wincing at their lame-ass power play and their endless perimeter passing, and their insane passing back into their own end instead of moving the puck forward, and their total lack of interest in going to the net, and I am anticipating a short, agonizing first-round elimination. One I will, however, be watching.)

  2. dpace17 Avatar

    This is great, I’m in heaven. I have finished Book 1 of World Gates via e-book, I’m on book 2 now; I’m also reading the paperback version of Talyn, and because I’m finding your books are so great, I’ve downloaded all 3 of the Secret Texts Trilogy from the link above and can’t wait to get into them.

    Holly I’ve been a reader since I read Gone with the Wind when I was maybe 10ish (many years ago), give or take, I’ve read a thousand ‘so-so’ books over those years, maybe a couple hundred ‘good’ books, and maybe only 25-30 that I just couldn’t put down, they were so good, yours fit into that category, I can’t put them down and now I’m reading 3 at once. This is a accomplishment as I haven’t been able to read much over the past several years, nothing seemed to keep me interested enough to finish a book, and back when I was younger, that was unthinkable, I’d finish it no matter how bad it was… Thank you for your fantastic stories that have me reading again, as well as all your courses that have me writing again.

  3. firelight Avatar

    Hi Holly! I’m really excited to find that some of your books are available as e-books. Where I live, it can be quite hard to get hold of certain books (including yours), so I’m a big fan of e-books. That said, I read the Secret Texts trilogy in hardback and just love them.

  4. Holly Avatar

    I could put all of my Baen stuff online right now (the rights have reverted to me) but all of it was on floppies that are long gone, in a format that is also long gone.

    I’ll have to retype all of them before I can make them available, and I just don’t have time.

  5. flamewings Avatar

    Hi Holly, I went and bought the ebook for Secret Text Trilogy in microsoft reader format and it was good. It was my first experiment with buying ebooks and I like it. A new route of buying books has definitely opened up. I learned something new too(i.e. how to operate that microsoft reader thingie, just because I hate reading in the adobe format). Thanks for introducing this. Hope more of your ebooks are online (I want to get Minerva Wakes too). Now I’ll get back to reading the books…hummmm. Happy Writing.

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