My New Free Writing Workshop

By Holly Lisle

I’m teaching a “free or really, really cheap” writing workshop called Crash Revision: How To Revise Your Novel In 7 Days.

Mine is a general course, geared to writers in every genre—it’s not romance-specific.

My workshop is part of the 2010 Writers’ Boot Camp at

I also have two items in the “book raffle,” though neither of mine is a book, and both are spectacular.

This short course starts on March 28th. You have to be signed up before then to be a part of it.

And some info on my workshop hosts:

Check out offers tools and resources for romance authors at every stage of their career.


I’m not an affiliate of I’m not making a dime from the workshop, nor will I receive any payment for recommending the site.

I’m doing this because I think it will be fun, and interesting, and challenging, and because it will let me meet some new folks.

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