My MC is having some PTSD and a bit of existential horror today

By Holly Lisle

Discovering what you’re capable of under extreme duress will do that to you… and she had the EXTREME duress of being mostly dead for about half an hour.

During which she did some things she can’t explain…

And the ICU discovered some things about her that modern medicine, the doc, and the nurses can’t explain.

FUN, FUN day today.


It’s amazing how much you can have done by ten AM if you have ass in chair at seven.

I got 1345 words of my planned 1250 (and have also been keeping up with the slightly larger 1300+ Scrivener has been suggesting to help me hit my October 29th deadline).

The deadline isn’t hard and fast — it’s just in there to keep me focused. But even after I fell behind while having to do a big re-think, re-outline, and some re-writing, I’m pleased to find myself still heading toward hitting the finish date for Book 4.

After which, Book 5. 

And the Hell Revision. 450,000-ish words of One-Pass Revision.

But the process is working, and day to day, it’s fun.

Day to day, the One-Pass Revision will be fun, too. It’s only looking at the whole massive project in its entirety that it becomes daunting, and starts to feel overwhelming, and barely possible.

So… day to day, I just DON’T DO THAT.

Onward. Other work awaits.

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