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My Hobbit Mural — 7 Comments

  1. Have you read MacBeth and Son (c) Jackie French? She helped me to understand the extent to which Shakespeare was compelled by politics to distort the recent history in order to appease the ruling monarch – and gain monetary rewards. The ancient Romans and his comedies were much safer, so far as it went to keeping food in his bey and his head on his neck. The Scottish kings were elected from the best person to serve. I t was the English king who insisted on family dynasty.
    Congratulations for having such incredible teachers.

  2. I knew you had an artist’s eye when you began with Minecraft. Now you’ve pulled out all the stops, Holly. Good for you. I’m glad to know that you’ve used your visualization for other mediums than words, as well.

  3. I remember reading the book in Jr High. My friend Franny Cohen had even learned to read and write runes. Never took with me, though. Great cover art reproduction 🙂 Love the ‘lollipop’ trees.

  4. Because I’m a picture nerd, I fixed the perspective and did a content-aware delete of the corner of the whiteboard. It’s not perfect, but I didn’t want to get in and pixel-edit someone else’s art. This version is a lot cleaner than the original, though.

    • He was indeed.

      I successfully talked him into counting The Hobbit for me. Because I never got another copy of The List, I don’t know whether he added it or not.

      I hope he did. In spite of the bad rep it got by being popular with hippies in the late sixties and early seventies, it was a book with compelling and epic themes, high-caliber writing, and enough of a downer ending to satisfy the literary snobs who claim that happy endings can’t occur in REAL literature.

  5. Oh, a slight upon my class, eh? Them’s fightin’ words. Grin.

    As for the pictures, I can only take credit for saving them from Facebook when I saw them posted there. Other Beaver Local alumni were on scene to take the photos.

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