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My free 3-day writing mini-workshop and Think Sideways — 2 Comments


    I am so frustrated. I log in, then I can’t log in.
    I keep getting my password reset, but that doesn’t get me in.
    My browser still holds a bunch of HTTS cookies, so that’s not it. Nothing I try works.

    I start getting the idea that maybe it’s a sign from the Universe -or my subconscious- that this whole thing is more than I am up to. Then I stay away for weeks or months at a time.

    I try different emails, different capitalizations, leave off the “@” part, everything I can think of, but the same email and password that works one time, will not work another time.
    So I get all frustrated and stay away some more.

    After all–I can’t even handle the log-in with discouragement and eventual meltdown, can I?
    I KNOW it’s my brain looking for any excuse to hold me back, and that’s why I keep returning, but as you say at the beginning premise of the How to Think Sideways program, the time is NOW to fight the internal nay-sayers, right?


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