How to Write Villains

Need better villains for your stories?

How to Write Villains

Yesterday, my first new class in quite a few years went live. This is How to Write Villains.

The class will take eight weeks (minimum – it could a couple lessons more depending on questions I get in class as I’m building it), and right now I’m covering:

  • LESSON 1: Understanding Evil and Villainy (FINISHED)
  • LESSON 2: Creating Good, Bad, and Evil Characters (IN PROGRESS)
  • LESSON 3: Sympathy, Empathy, and Villainy
  • LESSON 4: Villain Roles in Fiction
  • LESSON 5: Representing Evil: Showing Instead of Telling
  • LESSON 6: Controlling Characters and Story
  • LESSON 7: The “Come-Back” Villain: When Readers Are Reading Your Story for Your Villain
  • LESSON 8: Dealing With Writing Evil

Currently I’m offering a BIG early-bird discount. That will go away when I start writing Lesson 5. I’m figuring it’ll take me a bit over three more weeks to get there, because sometimes it takes me more than a week to write a lesson. It never takes less.

Class price today is $67.

Class price when it goes up will be $127 (or two monthly payments of $67) unless I need to add more lessons to hit everything brought up in class.

If you’re interested, we’re getting started now. Get the class details here.

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