My Email Has NOT Been Working

Important Administrative Update:

I’ve been, as noted a month or so ago, getting ready to move the majority of the ton of e-mails I receive every day to a help desk, and have had my Affiliate Manager, Craig Campbell, helping me get everything set up.

In the meantime, I was monitoring the e-mails coming in through the old addresses, while the helpdesk was getting them in through the new address.


However, we just discovered this morning that while my e-mail client was playing nicely and leaving a copy for the helpdesk, the helpdesk WAS NOT leaving a copy for me.

So we have several days worth of e-mails—not yet sure how many—that I have missed because the helpdesk’s auto-download beat me to checking the mail, and got some of the mails I should have received.

We are NOT sure if all the emails are still in the helpdesk. We are NOT sure if a copy of your e-mail exists.

Most of them do…we have about seven hundred from the last three or four days. But I cannot guarantee that everything got through, because we have been setting up the system, and bug hunting…

Anyway… We are now digging through that pile of mail as quickly as we can. We’ll get urgent stuff first, and the rest in the next day or so. If you had something desperate and you haven’t heard from me, resend to the email you previously sent to. If it isn’t desperate, wait a day or two before you resend. I don’t want to drown Craig.


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