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My daughter is in the ER right now — 58 Comments

  1. OMG. I’ve been so busy with work this week, I’ve been behind on reading blogs… And this happens. I’m so sorry I just heard about this now. Please keep us up to date, Holly. Your daughter is in my prayers.


  2. The best of my good wishes are with your daughter and you right now. I hope your daughter does well with the food and recovery. I’ve been knocking on wood for her every chance I think of it, while saying my non-denominational version of a prayer.

  3. I am so glad that things are starting to look up, Holly. I will still keep sending healing vibes until you tell us all is well.

    I hope all goes well for your daughter with the food trial.

  4. I have been carefully following this post since you started it, checking back several times each day and even getting up at 2 AM the first day to see whether there were any new updates. You KNOW my thoughts are always with you and yours, but they are especially focused on “the film school kid”, right now!

    Send her my hugs!


  5. Thank you, all of you, for prayers and good thoughts and support through this. Thank you also for the offer of a fund to get me down there. I am so moved by your generosity and kindness, but I won’t have to have a fund.

    If surgery does prove necessary, my husband has already said he’ll say “The hell with the store” and we’ll drive down. He’s the manager, so doing this would be a big deal, which is why we haven’t done it yet. Once there, we can sleep at his folks’ house, so if she doesn’t do well with food, we’ll start making plans. We were making arrangements to drive down when things went south so badly on the 26th, but cancelled them when we found out her vital signs were stable.

  6. Glad to hear the good update. She, you, and your family will remain in my prayers.

    (And if a fund to fly you to your daughter gets started, I want to donate.)

  7. I’ll be praying that she manages to heal on her own, and that more surgery is not necessary. (Will also be asking some church friends to add her/you to the prayer list.) I’m glad that they know what it is!

  8. It’s relief to know what it is that causes the problems and that doctors are working on it. Still thinking of you two and sending positive thoughts. Will do so as long as it’s needed. Strength to you both.

  9. One of those blunt questions I tend to pose and all.

    Holly, how much would it cost to get you to your daughter?

    Still thinking of you and her.

  10. Very sorry to hear what your going through Holly. I myself had a Psoas abscess earlier this year, it was scarey at the time. Abscess plays havoc with your temperature.

    My thoughts are with you both. Mark.

  11. God, Holly, this is awful. I had some ugly “surprises” with close relatives last summer–actually the whole thing started the previous September–and I hate thinking of what you and your family are going through. Good luck, and I wish I could help. My wife and I, both writers whom you’ve helped immensely, are wishing you and your daughter well.

  12. A couple of years ago, I had emergency gall bladder surgery. I can remember that stupid gas they use to inflate your stomach during surgery caused me to have post-surgical abdominal pain and nausea. I’m praying that’s all this is and your daughter will be okay.

  13. If we had a second vehicle, I’d drive down and get you, if nothing else so that you could Be There. Not knowing is the worst, but it’ll be okay. Hang in there. {{hugg}}

  14. Oh lord, no, every Mom’s nightmare. My prayers go out to you and her. I’ll be checking this blog and hoping to see good news on the diagnosis and fixing-it fronts soon.

    Many hugs from Michigan.

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