My characters keep surprising me — and with 1436 words, I don’t think they’re done yet

As always, I started by cleaning up the last stuff I wrote yesterday, just to get back into the flow, and realized that what I was writing happened during the Great Flood of 1913 — and got a fair few extra words building the relevance from that bit of backstory. 

AND made myself cry while I was writing, which is pretty annoying. It’s hard to type when your eyes are drippy and your throat is tight.

And then I landed back in my main character’s present, tangled in with the hell of a mess she’s just discovered in her past that’s in the process of colliding with the hell of a mess in her present.

And which is all tangled up with her lawyer, who she’s discovered has been lying to her in a big way.

Good words, good writing day, and I’m now over 90,000, and still have a ways to go.

I’ve given myself all five days next week to finish this, and I really want to hit that deadline. 

If I have to, I can go maybe another five after that, but in the back of my mind, I’m already pulling out events from this book and the first one that are going to have to start dripping their fallout into Book 3.


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One response to “My characters keep surprising me — and with 1436 words, I don’t think they’re done yet”

  1. Mike Lucas Avatar

    Congrats on hitting 90,000! It’s impressive that your final count will be within 5-10% of your target.

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