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I’ve written extensively about writing over the years, and to the left, you’ll find the sections for the writing articles, how-tos, and workshops I’ve written on this site.
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Complete and always-current section directories are here:

The most frequently-asked questions I’ve received since I started the first version of this site back in 1997.

The process and philosophy of writing: why writing fiction matters. Critical stuff if you want to write for a living.

Answers to the most frequent “How do I do this?” questions I’ve received over the years.

Step by step, “get out your paper and start writing” workshops you can do right now to learn new skills.

This is only a small portion of my writing material, though. I offer a free Writing Tips newsletter, a number of short writing courses, and several in-depth writing classes.

My objective with this is to present the skills you need in a form you can learn and use immediately, without wasting time on untried theory. I only present techniques I use, techniques that have allowed me to maintain a career writing fiction for two decades and counting.

I hope you find these articles helpful in reaching your own writing dreams.

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