I’ve written extensively about writing over the years, and to the left, you’ll find the sections for the writing articles, how-tos, and workshops I’ve written on this site.
On your right, you’ll find links to the individual articles.
Complete and always-current section directories are here:

The most frequently-asked questions I’ve received since I started the first version of this site back in 1997.

The process and philosophy of writing: why writing fiction matters. Critical stuff if you want to write for a living.

Answers to the most frequent “How do I do this?” questions I’ve received over the years.

Step by step, “get out your paper and start writing” workshops you can do right now to learn new skills.

This is only a small portion of my writing material, though. I offer a free Writing Tips newsletter, a number of short writing courses, and several in-depth writing classes.

My objective with this is to present the skills you need in a form you can learn and use immediately, without wasting time on untried theory. I only present techniques I use, techniques that have allowed me to maintain a career writing fiction for two decades and counting.

I hope you find these articles helpful in reaching your own writing dreams.

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2 responses to “Articles”

  1. John Cryar Avatar
    John Cryar

    Holly, I’ll be brief since I know you are a busy Lady. THANKYOU for sharing your use of maps. I’m a latecomer to writing (77 WASP) but my map has been in my head since the 1960’s. I’ve just begun to read all your free available sidebar post. Finding you is a God-send for me. Thank you for your effort to help beginners. Personally, I cannot imagine how to write my fantasy without my maps. Its both a blessing and a curse to be random/abstract, but it’s fun and helps explore my world of STUMPH. Best regards, and happy trails, John (in Conroe).

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, John. I’m delighted to be able to help. And very pleased you’re finding the writing articles helpful. Kick some ass, make yourself happy, and push to be better, because this is one job where you’re never too old to start, and never too old to succeed.

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