My Air Force Kid

So today is the kid’s first full day of basic training. He’s been up for a while getting yelled at — he’ll get the haircut and the BC glasses and the uniforms this week. I won’t get to hear from him for a while, and when I do, it will be a phone call just to tell me that he’s all right, and where I can send his mail, and will be very, very short. I’m told I’ll be able to hear his TI yelling at him in the background as he makes the call.

I’m really proud of my kid — proud of his courage, and the fact that he’s taking six years out of his life to serve his country, proud of the fact that he chose tough career fields and tested into something tremendously difficult. Proud that he’s able to look at the next six years and be excited, not intimidated. So he gets his own topic and a specially designed topic icon. I’ll update as I get news.

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