Mwha-ha-ha! Being cruel to my MC, evil to the townsfolk — and loving the result.

A 30-word scene sentence and a thirty-sentence outline leaves you an awful lot of room for figuring out what actually needs to fill each 3000-word chapter.

Today’s tiny sentence  turned into a scene of action, a bit of stuff I pulled out of having been a registered nurse working in both ICU and ER…

Some critters I introduced in the previous book…

An attempted repeat of something that happened to start this novel…

And it roped in my main character, a dear friend of hers, an entire school full of kids and teachers, the local cops, the entire local hospital ER staff, and a WHOLE lot of upset parents… and made sure everyone had just a gawdawful morning…

That nevertheless turned out a whole lot better than it could have. 

One Pied Piper who showed up out of nowhere could have wreaked a lot of destruction and tragedy… if a few tiny heroes with a really gross way of stopping him had not come to the rescue.

I loved today’s words. Had no idea any of this was going to happen — but it fit the Sentence, it solved the problem… and it gave me the bigger problem that I’ll get to deal with next Monday.

1445 words out of 1250 planned. Really, really, really wonderful, fun, awesome writing day — the kind of day that makes this the job I bounce out of bed in the morning to do — because SOMETIMES I get to do this.

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