Music to write by

By Holly Lisle

Arrival to Earth from the album Transformers: The Score by Steve Jablonsky

I’d recommend every piece on the album, actually. I just got my copy. I sat in the movie (all five times) trying to capture the score in my head, because from the moment I heard it, I thought, “I can write to that.” It had passion, movement, beauty, heart.

I bought the Soundtrack album the second it came out—and it was such a hideous disappointment. The Linkin Park track was good, but It didn’t have any of the music from the score.

I contemplated hunting the composer down and begging him for a bootleg—something I’ve never even considered before. It’s pretty nuts. Instead, I started searching around the internet, and discovered a petition to have the score released as an album. Signed that in lieu of throwing myself at Steve Jablonsky’s feet and begging for his music. And when the good guys won one and the Score album became a reality, I put my order in to Amazon because I couldn’t find a copy locally—every single one had sold out the same day it was released.

This album is everything the Soundtrack album wasn’t. It’s perfect. I hear it, it moves me, and the words flow. If you haven’t seen the movie, if you haven’t heard the music, find any of the snippets available on sites like Amazon or iTunes and immerse yourself.

I don’t recommend music often, but if you’re writing, I really think you’ll love this.

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