Mostly ‘Cause Tomorrow’s My Birthday

By Holly Lisle

I could have worked tonight. But I decided since tomorrow is my birthday to stay up late with my guys, watch the conclusion of “Life on Mars,” play Fable II, knit a pair of socks, and just have a good time.

No words. No words tomorrow, though I’ll put up a post. No words Friday. And no words Saturday.

I have birthday stuff planned with my family, and since I’m going to be 49 (and the next one is {shudder} 50) I decided today that I deserved to have fun and celebrate, not work.

I hope you get wonderful words. I’ll have a post up for you every day.

Think of me. Have fun. I’ll see you again Sunday night.

(Will still be doing customer service for Think Sideways students all week. I’m not taking time off from that.)

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