Most of the Way Through the Write-In

NIGHT ECHOES is just about finished. I have most of the write-in edit done. Yeah, it took longer than I planned, but my editor had already told me she wouldn’t be able to get to it until the 21st, so this might be a case of work expanding to fill the space available. The first draft was in pretty good shape, though lacking in places in necessary deception. In the rewrite, I’ve been working in all those red herrings and sleight-of-hand tricks that tend to make writers look clever, when in fact they are nothing more than thinking of the perfect thing to say fifteen minutes too late … and then being able to rewind the clock and say them.

This is why I’m a writer rather than someone who does things live. I am the goddess of Perfect Riposte Half Hour After.

I’ve been dreaming THE RUBY KEY. I’ve been dreaming moonroads, and what’s at the other end of them. Sometimes it’s so cool, I don’t want to wake up.

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4 responses to “Most of the Way Through the Write-In”

  1. Holly Avatar

    The Finish the Book Clinic will include my methods for getting to the end of the novel, revising, formatting, and submitting.

  2. Bettye Avatar

    Ah rewriting.
    Someday are you going to give us a book about how to do that?
    Your article is very helpful but more would be better.
    I love it when I start dreaming one of my stories. It gets real then.

  3. Jim Avatar

    Well, I knew you were a Goddess. 🙂

  4. TinaK Avatar

    Glad to hear the edits are going smoothly. Nothing about Hawkspar though – what’s up with that? Or shouldn’t I ask? 😀

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