Morning, and design before writing

I wish I could write in the morning. And I don’t mean that a “being able to find the words;” I’m always freshest and most full of ideas in the morning. But with a busy little kid, and homeschooling, and all the stuff that requires my attention, the only time I get the peace and quiet to write is in the evening.

Sustained focus matters. It’s hard to get a good book and tell someone “Don’t eat the damned carpet lint” at the same time.

Doing web work this morning, which is mostly brainless. Just transferring pages to the new templates right now. S’alright. I’m not sure what happens next in the story, anyway. I think the rron need to do something that will put their motives in doubt. And I really want to kill somebody — that’s up a couple of chapters, but I’m itching to do it right now.

So this evening may be murder and mayhem, which is a lot more fun that protocol and dress-up parties.

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