More Surprises in the World of Moon & Sun

By Holly Lisle

Oh, man. Most of the way through the day’s 3000 words, and Genna (and I) have just discovered that the world she left behind when she landed in the Spire has broken out in war, and that humans, already a desperately rare minority, are being hunted by creatures from the moonroads, by nightlings, and by the horror that has set his sights on Genna’s life, because her death can give him immortality.

A rescue is needed, but there aren’t enough people (and human allies) to find the refugees and get them safely over the moonroads and to the Spire before time runs out. The moon, you see, is already past full, and the moonroads will only stay open until the end of the third quarter. Then, for half a month, the monsters will have free hunting of the trapped remainder of humanity. Not much chance of survivors being left by the time the next half moon rises.

Again, this isn’t something I planned. It fits with things I did plan, but it’s better, cooler, deeper—and it gives the bad guys a necessary boost, and the good guys an insurmountable problem.

And what’s really cool? I have no idea how I’m going to get them out of this… or even if I will. So I have to get this written, just so I can find out.

Words are flying today.

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