More Stupid Mail

By Holly Lisle

I get some wonderful, wonderful e-mails. I also get the occasional snarky “I hate your books and I hate you” mail. Whatever. It’s a big world, and there are a lot of other writers out there — no one has to like me.

But sometimes, I get these bizarre, cryptic messages from complete strangers that leave me thinking the writers really need to get back on their medication. These messages are always hostile, they’re always nasty. And they never make any sense. I received this prize today. No reference to any particular page or topic, no quote to give me an idea of what this genius is talking about. Just this:

You don’t know what youre talking about. Please get a decent education before you speak on topics that you don’t understand. If your read your bible you would understand. The Bible speaks of the Royal Bloodlines.

I’ve read the Bible. Several times, straight through, every word and every page. And I cannot begin to guess what Bright Child here is alluding to. Maybe the Aliens told him to write to me.

If this makes any sense to you whatsoever, you deserve a nickel and a Super Secret Decoder Ring. I couldn’t get anything meaningful from it, except for the urge to flip the finger at the computer monitor and a deep desire to post the sender’s e-mail address along with his stupid letter. Maybe next time.

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