More rewriting than expected

I am, as mentioned previously, removing one subplot and swapping it out for another that is a thousand times better. I’m almost done with that portion of the rewriting. It was not, after all, a subplot that ran all the way through the book. But yesterday I progressed in inches, not miles. Every couple of pages, I was ripping out one whole scene and handwriting a whole new one. I did eighty pages of revisions (rather than the planned ninety), but I don’t even have the heart to count all the handwritten stuff. Yeesh.

The workload should be lighter today.

And if you haven’t been by Sheila (S.L.) Viehl’s blog lately, you need to go have a look. One of the most interesting blogs around. Space rants, shopping with characters, knot art, quilts, writing, medical stuff, more writing. Seriously cool.

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