More on The Worldbuilding Series

By Holly Lisle

Holly Lisle's Create A Language ClinicThanks to feedback from my test readers, I’ve already written two entirely new chapters for the Language Clinic this morning. I’m tearing apart a third right now, and will probably emerge with two separate chapters from it. I’m closing on 110 pages, and trying very hard not to go over that. And I redid the cover for the Language Clinic (very slightly) to make sure it was clearly identifiable as part of the Worldbuilding Course (this again thanks to my test readers.)

Holly Lisle's Create A Culture ClinicBut in the middle of doing this, I suddenly realized what the next book in the Worldbuilding Series had to be. The Create A Culture Clinic. I took twenty minutes and created the cover, to make this direction official in my own mind. I’m not setting a release date, even a tentative one, on this yet. But when I’ve finished Night Echoes/Shadow Music, I’ll start in on it.

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