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Holly Lisle's Create A Language ClinicThanks to feedback from my test readers, I’ve already written two entirely new chapters for the Language Clinic this morning. I’m tearing apart a third right now, and will probably emerge with two separate chapters from it. I’m closing on 110 pages, and trying very hard not to go over that. And I redid the cover for the Language Clinic (very slightly) to make sure it was clearly identifiable as part of the Worldbuilding Course (this again thanks to my test readers.)

Holly Lisle's Create A Culture ClinicBut in the middle of doing this, I suddenly realized what the next book in the Worldbuilding Series had to be. The Create A Culture Clinic. I took twenty minutes and created the cover, to make this direction official in my own mind. I’m not setting a release date, even a tentative one, on this yet. But when I’ve finished Night Echoes/Shadow Music, I’ll start in on it.

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4 responses to “More on The Worldbuilding Series”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Hi, Jeri! Worldbuilding exploded on me. I’d thought I could fit my whole process into 30,000 words. HAH!

  2. JeriT Avatar

    Ah. Now I get it. And here I wondered what had happened to all the planned books at the end of the Character Clinic – “Wait, Worldbuilding? Nothing about Language Clinic here…” lol

    BTW, just bought Character Clinic and started reading and it’s already helping me solve a good number of problems.


  3. Holly Avatar

    Jeri: I hadn’t actually considered Character Clinic a part of the worldbuilding series. Initially I was just going to do five books. Character, Worldbuilding, Plotting, Storyshowing, and Revision/Submission.

    Then time got crazy, so I was just going to offer each little (2000-3000 word) chapter of Worldbuilding as a quickie e-book, then put the whole thing together as one big book when everything was done.

    Then I discovered that while it doesn’t take me very long at all to create a language, all the things I learned and developed in order to do it take a full book’s worth of explanation and demonstration, and I realized that my processes for culture development and planets and ecologies were equally involved. Logical. Organized. Easy for me. But not something I can show someone how to do in depth in 3000 words.

    So the Worldbuilding Clinic has become THE WORLDBUILDING COURSE, series title, with Culture and World Creation as the other two volumes, and some worry that World Creation might overrun its boundaries.

  4. JeriT Avatar

    You’ll probably kill me for suggesting this, seeing that you really have no time for diddle-daddle, but… would you consider redoing the cover of the Character Clinic so it looks like the other two books? They really look cool, and it would give the whole thing a better feel that it is a series of books, not one standalone. Looking forward to buying the Language Clinic!

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