More On the Midnight Rain Sale

By Holly Lisle

Okay, I know a little more now. The manuscript for Midnight Rain will be due April 15, 2004. Probably will be on the schedule in 2005, but I don’t know exactly when yet and won’t for a while. Contracts are on the way, which is very, very fast.

So. My writing schedule looks like this. 135,000 more words on Talyn by Nov. 15, revise from Nov. 15-December 13, print on Dec. 14, mail on the 14th or 15th. Take off until Jan. 1. Start the revisions of Midnight Rain then, hand in a segment of around 70-100 pages by Feb. 1st, hand in the completed novel by April 15th. (I’m hoping to do this part of the schedule faster, frankly.)

Gods Old and Dark should land on the shelves right around then, so that will be my new book in 2004.

Then, as soon as Midnight Rain is in the mail, I’ll start on Tor II. Have to conceive, outline, and write 250,000 words on that one by Nov. 15, 2004, and have the final draft mailed in by Dec. 15, 2004. Take off until Jan. 1st, 2005. Start in on Mainstream II, which I’ve just contracted, with a submittable draft due by, I think, June 2005.

Steady work. I’m really excited about this.

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