More on China, With a Big Uh-Oh

By Holly Lisle

Spy satellite placed but not mentioned — surprise.

Short, relevent quote, so that this still makes sense when the full article disappears:

“The Shenzhou 5, or Divine Vessel 5, spacecraft also conducted intelligence-gathering work for China’s military.

����”Included on the top of the Long March 2F rocket, which boosted Shenzhou into orbit Tuesday, was a new Chinese military intelligence-gathering satellite. The satellite was placed in orbit successfully shortly after the Shenzhou began its 14-orbit mission. No mention of the satellite launch was made in the state-run Chinese press.”

And this one — studying war while encouraging peace. Not good.

China isn’t looking to go to Mars, I don’t think. China is doing what China has been looking to do for a long time — achieve dominance in the world playing field.

(Thanks to the person who sent me these links.)

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