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Moon & Sun: The Emerald Sun. It begins… — 6 Comments

  1. So excited!if you were to publish this as a longer series or make more stories set in this world (for example about the lost civilization because that was fascinating) I would totally read them.

  2. I read these books when I was in middle school! I checked back in on them ever since. So excited to see where the series goes. The Silver Door was one of my favorites. Yay!

  3. Hi Holly,
    Is Moon & Sun Book 2: The Silver Door going to be available as an e-book any time soon? I seem to remember you said the rights were reverting to you…

    I read The Ruby Key to my daughter about a year ago, and we loved it!

    • It will become available. I can’t swear on “soon.” Becky is doing the cover art for me, and I still have to do the formatting and bug hunting, and I want to publish the first two about a month apart from the brand new third one.

      So — not until I get the third one written. I can do the revision, formatting, and bug-hunt in a couple months, so that won’t cause much delay. But I want to bring them out at a pace that might allow them to pick up some traction to a broader readership than the Scholastic editions received.

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